Introducing XBASE5

X Base 5 is a proprietary steel frame system that seamlessly integrates technology into the walls of our homes. It empowers us to embrace efficient and repeatable processes that achieve levels of precision, strength and durability that far exceed the capabilities of traditional construction methods.

At its core, the system incorporates unique and interchangeable elements that result in a lighter, stronger, and more cost-efficient solution than any other in the world.

It all starts with the base


Engineered to deliver exceptional precision, boasting a dimensional tolerance of less than 1mm

Lift, Transport & Stack

Engineered to allow for lift from top without shear capacity, be transported without damage, and structural strength for stacking up to 12 stories.


Proprietary three dimensional (3D) connection system to prevent movement and shifting

Material Composition

Cold rolled light gauge steel frame that is 30-50% lighter than traditional Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) frame systems.


Weighs up to 50% less than competitive structures using Hollow Structural Steel ( HSS) frames.


With up to 40ft long continuous steel chassis sections bent to shape, joint welds are eliminated.


Bent steel versus welded reduces manufacturing time by more than 300%.


True to its name, X Base 5 represents the 5th generation of our system. Years of extensive research and development have produced an evolution of powerful, multifaceted options that not only draw from the ancestry of its predecessors, but create the industry's most efficient and versatile modular building system.


Version 1, called "Genesis", was created to erect our first hotel project. The roll formed system was heavy, with many parts and connections. We knew it needed improvement.


Version 2 began adopting efficiencies from lessons learned on our project. Many hours of brainstorming by the team!


A complex Research and Development process produced the V3 iteration, focused on "blind" corner connections.

Ali showing the team how its done!

“Ali had such a deep grasp of the knowledge and drive  it would take to create and continually improve this product...I knew I needed to be apart of this”

Albert Bendersky, Chief Architect and VP of Design, BECC Modular


After thousands of hours of research, testing, mockups and design iterations, V4 becomes the new standard for production.

“Ali created a challenge for me and the production team. The drive to achieve the goal became infectious. The reward is a frame system unlike any other.”

Joshua Brown , VP of Operations, BECC Modular


X Base 5 comes to life. With the addition of state of the art equipment in our steel manufacturing facility, and the implementation of our "blind corner" design, our system had been optimized to the level we use today.  

BECC Modular recently received a $2.5 million investment from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). This funding is not just a monetary boost; it's a catalyst for innovation and expansion, enabling BECC Modular to acquire two groundbreaking pieces of equipment: a 40-foot tandem break and a 40-foot laser bed.

These aren't just any machines; they are custom-built marvels, tailored to BECC's specific needs and unmatched in their capabilities. The 40-foot break and laser bed are set to revolutionize the modular construction landscape, allowing BECC Modular to scale its production to unprecedented levels.

How we get it done!